Afghanistan: Polish accomplices and their families without eviction confirmation

  • – These people are exhausted, especially mentally, because they don’t know what will happen to them – says Onet, one of the employees and ex-employees of the Polish unit who coordinates aid to the Afghans
  • He adds that among them are people who worked closely with the unit in Ghazni
  • – Persons whom we are sure have cooperated with the Polish mission are placed on the evacuation list. This list is constantly being updated – confirms Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydać
  • Poland sent three military planes to Afghanistan on Tuesday to evacuate people from that country
  • More information can be found on the Onet homepage

Tuesday Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki informedThat Poland will help evacuate about 100 people from Afghanistan, most of whom are Afghan collaborators in the Polish military unit (PMC) stationed in that country. Shipped to Kabul on Tuesday Three military planesWho will carry out the operation, take these people to Uzbekistan, where they will be transferred to Poland. As reported unofficially by Radio Zeit LOT is expected to be sent on Wednesday followed by the Dreamliner 787.

A group of former PMC employees have been fighting to evacuate Afghan collaborators for several days. For a long time, they unsuccessfully sought help from Polish institutions. On Monday, after the Taliban captured Kabul, they managed to get an interest in this matter from the Polish Foreign Ministry, handing it a list of about 50 Afghan collaborators and their family members.

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And on Tuesday evening, only 10 of those 50 people received confirmation from the Polish authorities that they would be evacuated from Afghanistan. – In fact, it is not known what awaits the other forty. We gathered the whole group earlier in Kabul, and now everyone is approaching the airport. They are camping out there and waiting for more moves. These people are exhausted, especially mentally, because they don’t know what’s going to happen to them, Magdalena Schrabek-Worzeniak, a former Labor Party employee who coordinates aid for Afghans, tells Onet.

– Among them were people who worked closely with the battalion in Ghazni (where the Polish army base in Afghanistan was located – liberated) and their families – assures Chrapek-Wawrzyniak.

Deputy Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: In the first place, we help the Poles and whom we are sure of

We asked Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydać about the situation of these 40 Afghans. He replied to Onet that the list of 50 people mentioned by former PKW employees was not included in it, but confirmed that he would contact them to clarify the matter.

– Persons whom we are sure have cooperated with the Polish mission are put on the evacuation list. This list is constantly updated – says Przydacz Onetowi.

– Currently, thousands of people want to be evacuated from Afghanistan, arguing that they cooperated with different units. There can be no violations here, so these people are checked by a special team. It may be obvious that not all of them pass this verification. We can not forget about security considerations – emphasized the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. When asked if a detailed verification is necessary in the current situation, he replied, “It is not a detailed verification, but a verification that these people are subject to,” adding, “We will do it as broad and flexible as possible.”

– First of all, we will help the Poles and people we know for sure, said Przydacz.

Will Poland help evacuate those people who did not cooperate with the Polish army, but are at risk in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, such as journalists or activists? – Our list also includes people active in humanitarian missions and representatives of international organizations, but it is impossible to help everyone. Nor is it certain that all of these people will make it to the airport. I cannot say what the situation will look like in a few hours, let alone a few days – answers the Deputy Minister.

The Taliban took over Afghanistan

According to earlier unofficial information from Onet, Poland, unlike other countries, did not intend, on Sunday evening, to send an army and aircraft to Polish citizens and their Afghan collaborators. Decision-making did not begin until Monday morning, when the Taliban had already occupied Kabul. Mateusz Morawiecki announced that our country will send a plane to Afghanistan A few hours after we posted our text.

Over the past few weeks, the Taliban, which has been locked in a civil war for years, has invaded a large part of Afghanistan. on Sunday I entered the country’s capital, KabulFrom which President Ashraf Ghani escaped.

The Taliban attack coincided with the latest attack Withdrawal of NATO forces and their allies, who have been in Afghanistan since 2001. US President Donald Trump in February 2020 concluded an agreement with the Taliban to leave Afghanistan by May 2021. Trump’s successor, Joe Biden, supported this decision, but only delayed it for a few months.

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