France.  The National Assembly approved the vaccination permit law

The law was adopted by 214 votes. 93 members of the House of Representatives opposed and 27 abstained from voting.

The Senate is now discussing the bill, which is scheduled to deal with it early next week. According to the draft, the new regulations were due to enter into force on January 15, but it is already known that there will be a delay.

according to the law People over 12 years old will need to provide proof of vaccinationTo be able to enter restaurants or bars or use interprovincial public transportation. Confirmation of a negative test will only allow access to health facilities and services.

From the age of 16 vaccination passport It will be mandatory for those wishing to take advantage of school trips as well as pre-school and after-school activities.

In a speech Wednesday to Parliament, French Prime Minister Jean Castix criticized a “small minority” of the French for refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and Deputies demanded the rapid adoption of the law on the permissibility of vaccination.

Earlier, the French government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, said that the next wave of the epidemic was escalating “at supersonic speed”, and was exacerbated especially in the Ile-de-France region of Paris. The latest balance sheet spoke of 335 new infections with the Corona virus.

Also on Wednesday, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that I don’t want to bother the French, “but I do want to bother the unvaccinated.” “They are not citizens to me, but they are irresponsible people,” he said.

In France, 51.8 million people have been fully vaccinated, or 76.9%. population.

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