Prezydent USA Joe Biden przedstawił prezydentowi ChRL Xi Jinpingowi konsekwencje jakie poniosą Chiny, jeśli dostarczą materialną pomoc Rosji prowadzącej wojnę z Ukrainą - oznajmił w piątek Biały Dom. Obie strony zgodziły się, by pozostawić otwarte kanały komunikacji.

The White House announced Friday that U.S. President Joe Biden has presented President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China with the consequences for China if it provides material aid to Russia in a war with Ukraine. The two sides agreed to keep the channels of communication open.

“(Biden) described the repercussions and consequences if China provided material support to Russia in its brutal attacks against Ukrainian cities and civilians,” the statement said after a nearly two-hour conversation between the two leaders. The war in Ukraine was to be the main topic of their video conference.

Reporting on the course of the conversation during a conference call, a high-ranking representative of the administration stated that the conversation was “direct, objective and detailed”, and that the US president had explained precisely and precisely to his Chinese counterpart, What do you expect if China decides to help Russia.

At the same time, she refused to give details of these consequences, nor of Xi’s reaction to Biden’s position.

China will make its own decisions in this regard – She referred to reporters’ reference to the official Chinese statement from the conversation. That’s what you say”China is for peace and against warAdhering to the principles of international law, we are ready to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. Xi was also supposed to call for US-NATO dialogue with Russia On security concerns in Russia and Ukraine.

According to the White House, Biden and Xi were to agree on the “importance of keeping channels of communication open,” and the US President stressed that US policy toward Taiwan has not changedNoting that the United States opposes unilateral changes to the status quo on the island. Biden is also said to have expressed concern about China’s aggressive and provocative actions in the Taiwan Strait.

The leaders also agreed to continue discussions between the teams of the two countries.

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