Afghanistan.  Fragments of a corpse on board a US plane that left Kabul.  Crew Report

  • US forces announced their withdrawal from Afghanistan, and soon the Taliban took control of the country
  • Many people tried to flee for fear of retaliation by the militants. In the recordings and photos released by the Afghan media, you can see that some people got on the planes. There have also been records documenting how people fall from flying machines
  • Now the US military has spoken about these events. As stated in the official announcement, the crew did not know that someone got into the wheel arch of the aircraft. These people were crushed, and some jumped out of the flying machine
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Chaotic escape of the population from the Taliban Afghanistan The world saw pictures and recordings. The video below has already become a symbol of the drama unfolding in the country:

It soon became clear that the escape attempt for some Afghans ended tragically. International media reported that many people died trying to escape from Kabul after that Taliban He took over the city. There were recordings on Twitter that showed – according to the description – people falling from a flying plane. Such a video was provided by, among others TOLO News (we do not show it due to the severity of the viewer – editor).

Now the US military has spoken out about this infamous matter. As reported by the New York Times, the exact number of casualties is not mentioned (there is talk of “civilians losing their lives”), but the flight crew account is included.

Died while fleeing Kabul

Air Force spokeswoman United States of America It has confirmed the discovery of human body fragments in the wheel arch of a C-17 cargo plane that took off from a chaotic runway at Kabul airport. “We are investigating exactly how these incidents occurred,” said Air Force spokeswoman Anne Stefanik. What is already known?

The rest of the text is below the video.

According to new information, the accident occurred on Monday morning. A transport plane marked REACH885 was carrying equipment and resources for the evacuees to Kabul. Shortly after landing, a crowd of at least several hundred Afghans attempted to board the plane. Sensing the danger, the crew stopped unloading and raised the ramp. However, some people managed to climb onto the wings and, what the crew didn’t know, into the wheel arch of the car (This is the space where the wheels hide after take-off – editor).

Immediately due to chaos, the crew was allowed to leave the airport. American helicopters circled overhead, trying to chase the Afghans away or push them away with the winds generated by the propellers. The plane, which had no people on its wings, took off, according to the New York Times. After a while, it turned out that the landing gear could not be completely folded. Through a small window, the crew saw the bodies of an unknown number of Afghans in the wheel arch spaceIt was apparently crushed by the undercarriage. It is known from the recordings that some may have saved themselves from this fate by jumping out of a plane. After arriving at the base in Qatar, the cabin crew received psychological support.

It is known that some Afghans managed to escape safely. This was stated by Defense One. In the photo below, people can see the crowds from inside the American machine. As reported by the US military, 640 people flew safely in this aircraft.

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Source:, Tolo News, Onet

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