iPhone 13 will debut in September.  you will buy

A year ago, pandemic turmoil transformed the iPhone 12 premiere, but Apple is returning to the old rhythm. The iPhone 13 is expected to debut within a month.

Historically, new iPhones have been debuting in September for years and go on sale the week after the presentation. A year ago, the epidemic caused us to deviate from the norm; Tim Cook introduced the iPhone 12 to the world in October, but we had to wait until November for some models.

Everything indicates that this year will be without problems and the iPhone 13 will return to the tradition of debuting in September.

iPhone 13 coming in September.

This information 9to5Mac Service ProvidedQuoted from supply chain analysts. To their knowledge, Apple ordered 130-150 million copies of the iPhone, of which 35-45 percent. It is the latest generation of the phone. Analysts believe the iPhone 13 will debut in the third week of September – it’s not just clear if they meant a product presentation or launch.

However, this is in line with the way iPhones have previously appeared. For example, the iPhone 11 premiered on Tuesday, September 10, and hit stores 10 days later. So it is likely that Apple will invite us to a conference, say on September 14, and on September 24 the iPhone 13 will go on sale.

We already know a lot about the iPhone 13. Contrary to previous rumors, Apple didn’t decide to kill the mini version this year, so iPhone 13 will debut in four variants: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro i iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The differences between the old and new models will be cosmetic. So much so that many are wondering if the new iPhone will not be called iPhone 12s (however, there is no indication). The main difference is the slightly changed island of cameras with a slightly different arrangement of the “eyes” (you know in no way the old case does not fit the new phone) and possibly new color variants. Up front, however, there will be a big change – the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will finally offer a 120Hz ProMotion display. On the iPhone 13 and 13 mini, we still see a 60Hz AMOLED display.

iPhone 13

This is what the iPhone 13 should look like

Of course, you need to add a new processor – and possibly – larger batteries to compensate for the power loss caused by faster displays. According to the latest information, the Pro variants will be equipped with 1 TB of data space, although we have heard these rumors several times and it has not yet been confirmed.

However, the rest of the differences will focus on software; For example, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max is gaining opportunity ProRes . video recordingAnd all smartphones will be able to blur the background while recording a video. It is surprising that only now, because Chinese competitors have been offering this functionality for several years. However, this might justify putting up a 1TB variant for sale, after all, both recordings in ProRes and background blur in movies can cost a lot of data space.

you will buy

If the iPhone 13 premiere actually takes place in the third week of September, Apple will send out official invites within two weeks, after which we will know the exact release date. The iPhone 13 doesn’t promise to be a revolutionary device, or a significant enough development to convince last year’s iPhone 12 owners to change. So, only one question arises – will you buy?

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