"How I fell in love with a gangster."  Lambarska on the role of Nicosia's wife

  • – Before our eyes, Halina turns into a woman who is a little tired of what her husband is doing, looks at his fall and can do nothing about it, because she no longer has any influence on him – says Magdalena Lamparska
  • She divorced Halina Ostrovska “Nikos”, but remained on good terms with him. The 34-year-old notes that a woman leaving her husband was a big event in those days
  • – I recently heard a question if I wanted to go back to those times and my answer was: “Absolutely not.” Because back then, women were treated differently and had fewer opportunities, he says
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Carolina Błaszkiewicz, Onet Woman: Can you remember how your journey with Halina began?

Magdalena Lamparska: I remember the first meeting with director Maciek Kawulski and Tomek Wloch who played the main role in the film.

When she meets Nikos, she is not an innocent girl – she raises children and has a brother, a gangster, Kzuego Roman. So she knows the criminal world well, she is accustomed to the luxury and popularity that she guaranteed at that time and those professions. Everyone knows her.

When we meet her in the movie she was in her thirties.

Yes. It seems very important to me. Helena is a strong, self-confident, and independent woman. It also seems to me that she immediately laid down the rules of the game of love – they must be taken seriously, although, like every woman, she could not resist the charm and charisma of “Nikos”. I stayed with him despite everything.

Helena is a real character. I was wondering if it makes you feel more responsible for your work?

I felt it, but Macyek completely took it off my shoulder. He immediately said that the story was inspired by the life and idea of ​​Nicodemus. Although I wanted to inquire about the real Halina, he preferred not to, because that was supposed to be my interpretation of her character. I trusted his intuition.

And suddenly she appears is the moment we get to know her. I have to admit you grabbed the screen in this scene.

Halina is very consistent and even when she shows up in her morning pajamas, she still looks chic. Our stylist Kaja Rogacz did an amazing job. Just like Carolina Cordas and Alina Janirka, who are in charge of makeup. We’ve worked a lot together. It was crucial to my character.

The rest of the text is below the video.

And how was it for you to work with Tomekłosok?

It makes you feel that what happens in front of the camera is the most important. It really is a huge relief to be able to work with partners like him. Anyway, the entire cast is great. We all felt like we were doing something fun.

We have direct turns on and off the camera, hence the voice and personality of Mrs. Cristina Ganda. We spent a lot of time practicing to understand exactly what emotional point our heroes were at.

First, she stares at Nikos, leaving him for a while.

Before our eyes, Halina turns into a woman who is a little tired of what her husband is doing, she watches his fall and can do nothing about it, because she no longer has any influence on him. And in all this there are children growing up. Finally, we ask ourselves what it means to have everything. I think everyone should answer for themselves whether it be glamor, fame, money or perhaps peace, family and home.

My heroine would prefer to stay with her husband, but honor and pride do not allow her to do so. She loves him all the time because she stays with him. Besides, Halina and “Nicosia” have a relationship that also includes a kind of dependence on what he suggested. In the career of “Nicosia”, Halina played a key role.

I’ll go back to what I said about her split from Nikos. In the 70s and 80s, hardly any woman found the strength to leave her husband.

you are right. I was recently asked if I wanted to go back to those times and my answer was: “Absolutely not.” Because at that time, women were treated differently and had fewer opportunities.

She was an experienced woman and the gangster world probably didn’t make that impression on her. She lived in it and became a part of it. It was even Nikos who joined Halina and entered the top gangster league.

But yes, I will agree with you that your exit from your husband was an event. Although Halina already had one marriage that ended in divorce. You could say that it regularly exercised its independence and strictly guarded its borders.

Was it somehow edited?

I am very happy that I was able to play the strong heroine. The women spoke differently afterwards, they dressed themselves differently. And while everything was different at the time, the movie was shot in such a way that we feel as if it happened yesterday.

It touches on universal topics, first of all asking why women like bastards (laughs). In my opinion, the highlight of Macyek’s painting is a woman’s love for a man, for life, for popularity, money, power, and freedom. All aspects of it are discussed here. There is also a sad reflection, was it all worth it and live like a tiger? Everyone will add to himself.

What did Helena give you?

Thanks to her, I also remembered that you always have to listen to your intuition. Although she loved Nicosia, she could not be with him, and how many women do we know who are in difficult relationships and do not have the strength to leave?

You said that the film leaves the viewer with the question of what is more important in life – fame and brilliance or family and happiness? How did you respond to them?

I quickly realized that reality is more important than cinematic fiction, although it is easy to get lost in it. For me, it is important that there is a balance between my profession, which I love, and my family, which I love.

At some point it all comes to an end, it goes away, and as Nikos’ story shows us, the lights finally go out, so it’s worth paying attention to core values.

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