Adam Glabinski's Call.  Will Paul Mucha's testimony be decisive?

Decisions will be made regarding the future of Adam Glabinski as head of the National Bank of Poland (NBP) “as soon as possible” – He pointed out on Wednesday Prime Minister Donald Tusk He was asked about this by journalists. He added: – We will make the decision when we are 100% sure that it will not violate Polish interests, especially in the eyes of the outside world.

Let us remember that during the election campaign, the current Prime Minister said that he would remove Glabinski from the position of Chairman of the National Bank of Japan. The matter did not end after the elections. We've written more about this issue, among others: here.

However, due to constitutional guarantees, the dismissal of the head of the central bank is only possible in a few cases. The current government is considering two of them journalists write on Thursday. The first is to put it in front of you State court. The second is court procedures. If Glabinski is legally convicted, he could lose his position.

The testimony of Paul Mucha, a member of the National Budget Bank's board of directors who is in conflict with the president, may play an important role in both scenarios. We've written more about the conflict, among other things In this article. The conflict was to include, among other things: Call the police to the Polish National Bank By Mucha after Glabinski banned him from entering the office.

“However, we know from unofficial sources that when it comes to the fate of Adam Glabinski, there are two options on the table. The first is classic prosecutor investigation, where Paweł Mucha will somehow play the role of “Witness of the Crown” – The person who, so far, is the only member of the Board of Directors who has publicly opposed the actions of the Chairman of the National Bank of Japan,” we read on

According to portal information. Paweł Mucha prepared a dozens-page lawsuit against the current head of the National National Bank. He lists situations that, in his opinion, were violations of the law and procedures of the Polish Central Bank.

As the portal’s journalists add, also if the government decides on the second option – i.e State court – Collaboration with Paweł Mucha could be crucial. He may be examined as a witness by the House Committee on Constitutional Responsibility.

Let us remind you that neither of these options will lead to the dismissal of Adam Glabinski before the final ruling is issued – whether from the state court or the court.

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