Two stars don't care about Halloween.  This is how he spends time with his daughter on October 31 - o2

Halloween is October 31. Today it is gaining more and more popularity in Poland. Often a few years ago you could find traditional Halloween decorations – pumpkins, skulls, etc.

However, not everyone likes the new fashion. Before Halloween, he warns the Catholic Church, which in return invites you to Halloween parties. Marcin Nejman took advantage of the invitation, and went with his daughter to such an event. Everyone praised on Twitter.

Andrzej Wasilewski replied to the player. The boxing promoter commented: “My father quickly hit a silly man and could easily play with his daughter.”

It didn’t take long for a star to respond. “Andrzejek, my father beat you, checked the result of PPV sales and only then went to the ball with his daughter” – wrote “El Testosteron”, thus ending the discussion.


MMA-VIP 3. The Return of Marcin Nejman

On Friday, Marcin two stars returned to MMA. At the party he organized, he faced the star of “Chłopaki do tak” (“Boys to take”), Ryszard Dąbrowski. Shchina started to fight better, but after a while Negman launched a counterattack.


See also: “Come on and let’s beat her up.” Marcin Nejman turned to Zbigniew Bunic


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