Shocking confessions of former assistant Skorża.  I hit lish.  "Imagine that he has an offer from the outside."

How did the club authorities receive Maciej Skorża’s departure from Lech Pozna? Ravi Janas shared his thoughts. – I personally felt that the club was angry with Maciek because it happened and they saw a double bottom that Maciek was about to do something – said a former employee of “Kolejorz”.

Two months ago, Maciej Skorża left Lech Pozna at his request. After a few weeks of talks, the club brought in John van den Brum in his place.

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Let us remind you that the experienced Polish coach left the team for personal reasons. As it turned out, the “Kolejorz” authorities did not fully believe in the history of Skorża. At least that’s what Rafai Janas, the 50-year-old’s former assistant who was previously considered the team’s new coach, sees.

– It seems to me that I was fired because I was Maciej Skorża’s man. And since he left, we came to the club together, and I was just treated like a man and that’s why I got fired – a statement.

I think being at the club this week at the beginning of this season, I personally felt that the club was mad at Macic because it happened and that double bottom was seen that Macic was about to achieve something. The story he gave the club was not fully believed. I think he imagined that he had, for example, a contract offer from abroad and in an instant he would end up at another club – alien or European – He said.

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