Deadpool 3 without TJ Miller.  Reynolds hates him?

T.J. Miller He became an outcast from Hollywood when his character was associated with a lot of controversy. Although no one thought of returning in the movie Deadpool 3In a new interview on The Adam Carroll Show, the actor points out that it has more to do with his decision.

Deadpool – Reynolds hates Miller

The actor says it frankly Ryan Reynolds She hates it. He claims that he was rude to him on set. When he spoke to him as if he was a weasel character, Miller thought he was speaking in person after all. He considered it a strange attack.

He would say something like, ‘You know what’s good about you, weasel? You are not a star, but you play enough in a funny show. Then we can leave you and go back to the real movie. I listened to it and thought it was weird.

Miller adds that he would never want to work with Reynolds because of it, but he doesn’t wish it was bad either because he thinks he’s as cool as Deadpool.

“It’s strange to me that he hates me.”

Let us remind you that the controversy over Miller proves that no one even thought of bringing him in Deadpool 3. In 2017, he was charged with sexual assault on the group Silicon Valley. He himself insisted that this was not true. In 2018, the actor was accused of deliberately engaging in services by providing false information about a bomb threat. On an Amtrak train, Miller called 911 and reported that a passenger had a bomb in a hand luggage.

Ryan Reynolds has not commented on T.J. Miller’s words. Deadpool 3 will appear on screens on September 6, 2024.

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