Another Spanish giant outside the Champions League.  Beca no feeling

After four rounds of the Champions League, Club Brugge was impressively Group B leader. advantage over Porto, Atletico Real Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen were so straightforward that they were already guaranteed to play in the Champions League knockout stage, as other teams aspired to.

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Barcelona – Bayern. Lewandowski says goodbye to the Champions League

An amazing end to the Atlético match. Spaniards at sea LM

In the fifth round of the group stage, Group B matches started at different times. The first players to walk off the field are Brugge and Porto. In the previous four matches, the Belgians had not conceded any goal, but this time they gave themselves four. Won by: Taremi (33th minute), Evanelson (57), Ostaccio (60) and again Taremi (70).

Such a result made him the only winner between them Atletico Madrid Bayer Leverkusen has a chance to qualify for the knockout stages. And the result of the match was opened by Germany thanks to Diaby’s goal in the ninth minute. Carrasco scored the equalizer in the 22nd minute, but Hudson-Odoi scored seven minutes later and Germany were back in front again.

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The Spaniards managed to equalize 2-2 in the 50th minute when De Paul scored. In the following minutes, both teams were looking for an opportunity to score, although the advantage was on the side of Atletico. The capital team scored their goal only in the last seconds, when a Bayer player played a hand after a corner kick. After consulting the VAR, the referee awarded a penalty kick.

Carrasco reached the ball, who already had a goal and an assist in this match. At the crucial moment when he failed, Hradke saved his shot. Saul was the first to hit the ball but hit the crossbar. After a while, Reinildo shot, but the ball bounced off Carrasco’s leg and went out of the field.

A moment after the shot, confusion reigned as the referee was checking whether the penalty kick had not been violated. In the end, no irregularities were found and the meeting was closed. Thus, Atletico joined Barcelona, ​​who also withdrew from the Champions League on Wednesday.

Atletico say goodbye to the Champions League. Club Brugge and Porto with upgrade [TABELA]

Atlético is third with five points and is no longer in a position to advance to the playoffs. Bayer is in the same position with four points. Both teams are vying for the third place, which will give the right Toys In the playoffs by 1/8 finals European Championships.

Despite the defeat, Club Brugge remained in the first table of Group B with 10 points, but its lead over second place to Porto slipped to a point. In the final round, both teams will engage in a correspondence duel for the first place in the table, which will be ranked in Withdrawal 1/8 Champions League Final.

Porto will play Atletico in the last round, while Bayer Leverkusen will play Club Brugge. The two meetings will take place on Tuesday, 1 November.

UEFA Champions League Group B schedule

  1. Club Brugge 10 points, 7-4 goals
  2. Porto 9, 10-6
  3. Atletico Madrid 5, 4-7
  4. Bayer Leverkusen 4, 4-8
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