March 28, 2023


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Colors of Happiness Episode 2746: Will Codor Find Clara in Mexico? A shocking discovery at Bartosz’s house – photos

“Colors of Happiness” Episode 2746 – Monday 30 January 2023 at 20.10 on TVP2

The search for Clara in 2746 episodes of “The Colors of Happiness” by Marcin Codora and trained police officers will reveal the whole truth about Berka’s mysterious disappearance in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, they will Hubert suspects that Bartosz is behind his wife’s disappearance. Codura’s findings will show that the editor is from which publishing house He molested Clara and tried to rape herHe followed her back to the United States on a plane to Los Angeles. In addition, it will be possible to locate Clara’s phone on the border with Mexico.

In Episode 2746 “The Colors of Happiness” Hubert will be crazy about his wife. Especially after the police, along with Kodor, arrive at Bartosz’s house. There they will make a shocking discovery about Clara’s kidnapper. It would be seen that he had been planning an attack on Berka for a long time. He wants to take her to Mexico and thus take revenge for her rejection. – This guy is weird! I told you what he’s capable of! – Hubert will shout into the phone when, in episode 2746, “The Colors of Happiness”, Cawdor walks into the psychopath’s house. – Codor works with the crew. After all, they were going to catch him and find Clara safe and sound – Agata’s brother will calm down, but he won’t do much.

Because Hubert in Episode 2746 “The Colors of Happiness” will be filled with the worst of prophecies. – It’s worse than I thought, sister. Much. They checked his computer and notes. The dude was very meticulously preparing to leave. He checked the location of the movie studio, all the security entrances, every place Clara might be… – He will pass it on to Agata.

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Unfortunately, in episode 2746 “The Colors of Happiness” Kodor will not be able to catch up with Bartosh who will be outside all the time. However, the American police will enter the fray, with which Codor will be in constant contact. Only in the next 2747th episode of “The Colors of Happiness” will it be possible to find Clara safe and sound, and to pick up Bartosh.

The colors of happiness. Patrick will be with Agata after the Berkhoff tragedy. I miss her not only