A valuable member of the Salut Bonjour weekend crew is leaving the ship

A valued member of the team announced at the last minute his decision to leave Hello Hello Weekend in the coming months. Who he is and the reasons why he left can be found in this article.

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The entire Salute Bonjour team is with heavy hearts…in fact, one of the members of the Salute Bonjour weekend team announced this Sunday morning that he will not be returning with us next fall.

If you're not listening to the morning show, watch the segment of the ad in question:

In fact, the weekend sports columnist recently chose to leave his post. For Jean-Michel Bourque, it's a completely personal decision, but it's also a very emotional one.

Our precious colleague makes this choice for only one reason: his family.

The key person involved admits it was definitely a tough decision, but he's at peace with it. His boys, Eloy and Laurent, are growing up and he wants to spend more time with them on the weekends, which is completely understandable for the young father.

Facebook Jean-Michel Bourque

However, our athlete says he is very grateful for these six great years spent with the amazing weekend team. He will leave the small screen with fond memories shared on the set of Quebec's most-watched morning show.

Facebook Hugo Langlois

Jean-Michel shared a release on his social networks following his announcement to the Daily Listening audience:

“So, I'll make the most of the last few months with the team, and for the rest, let's see where life takes me! With a heavy heart, I'll be leaving the wonderful Salt Bonjour weekend team at the end of next summer. I loved my 6 years as a sports columnist on the show! I really had a childhood dream. Realized, I got a chance to meet some memorable people.However, I like to spend more time with my family on weekends », we can read about him

His departure, scheduled for next fall, will allow us to appreciate Jean-Michel's sweet presence on our screens more than ever and show him our love!

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