Asteroids approaching Earth.  Non-zero chance of collision

  • Great asteroids will approach the Earth. One of them will be closer to our planet than Mars
  • The probability of an asteroid hitting the Earth is not zero
  • Many asteroids passing through Earth are very small and will burn up once they enter our planet’s atmosphere
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The asteroid 2021 SM3, the largest of the Great Pyramid of Giza, was expected, Friday, to approach Earth for a distance of about 5.6 million kilometers.

According to, NASA defines space objects approaching our planet as “comets and asteroids that have been gravitationally moved to nearby planets in orbits that allow them to enter the Earth’s vicinity.”

However, there is no need to be afraid. Although these asteroids pass relatively close to Earth in cosmological terms, they are still very far from us from a human perspective.

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Great asteroids will approach Earth

On Wednesday, the 1996 VB3 asteroid will approach 3.2 million km from Earth, about 8 times farther than the Moon, and much closer than our closest neighbor, Mars, which is 53 million km away. The diameter of the asteroid VB3 of 1996 is estimated to be more than 200 meters.

In contrast, asteroid 2017 SJ20 will pass Earth on October 25, a little later, about 7.2 million km. According to estimates, the width of this asteroid is less than 200 meters.

According to NASA, not all asteroids that will approach our planet in the coming weeks will be close enough to reach Earth.

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The odds of an asteroid hitting Earth are not zero

The probability of an asteroid hitting the Earth is very small, although not zero. According to the Center for Near Earth Research on, about 90 percent. Space objects have already been detected approaching our planet, with a diameter of more than 0.8 km. However, scientists are constantly trying to find asteroids and other possible comets that threaten the Earth and, after their discovery, track their future movements.

The center has discovered and tracked more than 27,000 objects close to our planet. The sizes of the asteroids vary, mostly small and medium-sized asteroids from 300 meters to 600 meters, and large asteroids with a length of one kilometer and larger.

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Many asteroids passing through Earth are very small and will burn up when they enter our planet’s atmosphere. Contrary to the horrific plots in the movies, the chances of a powerful asteroid hitting Earth are minimal.

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