Jaroslav Binyuk showed a picture from the set of the film about Przybylska

Film about Anya Przybylska. Jarosław Bieniuk showed how the document to be broadcast by TVP is created. Animated scene. When is the first show?

from death Anna Przybylska 8 years will have passed this year. The actress lost the battle against cancer. In 2013, she underwent surgery to remove a pancreatic tumor, but died a year later at her family’s home. She was only 36 years old. left her partner Jaroslav Binyuk And their three children Olivia, Simon And the John.

Soon there were reports that a film about her biography would be made. However, the idea faded. Finally, after a few years, I bring the topic up again. a few weeks ago Jarosław posted a trailer on the web. The production should be a summary of the professional and private life of the star. It will include, among other things, their own recordings. At first it was believed that the cinema premiere, but in the end the idea was abandoned.

Jaroslav Pinyuk showing the scenes of a film about Przybylska

All members of the Przybylska family and friends are involved in the project. They mentioned her in front of the camera, among others husband, children, sister, mother or manager. It will also appear in the document Anna DeriszowskaWho had the opportunity to work with the deceased actress on the sets of the series Złotopolscy And the Mad Virgins Club.

Today, Jaroslaw Binyuk revealed what it’s like to work in production. He just posted a frame on Instagram showing the team’s work. The man called the cameras into the living room. Particular attention is paid to family photos hanging on the wall. The player did not provide a detailed description this time. Limited to the same address:

Anya – signed.

Internet users do not hide that they are looking forward to the premiere:

  • I’m waiting for the movie, best regards.
  • It would be one of the best movies.
  • I can not wait. Anya is forever in my heart.
  • I’m looking forward to. You had a wonderful wife and children – the most beautiful mother.

There were also a few words from the actress’s sister:

I know it hasn’t been an easy day… – Agnieszka Kubera wrote.

The premiere of the documentary will take place on the eighth anniversary of Anna’s death. The film will be broadcast on Polish television.

Watching a production dedicated to the life of Anya Przybylska?


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