March 28, 2023


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Dr Zbigniew Martyka. / foto: YouTube

This is how they test sewn? Dr.. Martika reveals disturbing facts

Dr.. Zbigniew Martika. / Photo: YouTube

My answer.  Reconstruction of murder - a shipment of hand!
My answer.  Reconstruction of murder - a shipment of hand!
In an interview with the portal, Dr. Zbigniew Martyka, Head of the Surveillance and Infectious Diseases Department of Dąbrowa Tarnowska, drew attention to the controversy surrounding the coronavirus testing process. As he said, there are suspicions that the fitted hardware is being tested differently than the unfixed one.

In an interview with Paweł Zdziarski, Dr. Zbigniew Martyka noted infection statistics among fully repaired patients. “We don’t really know what proportion of those infected have been fully vaccinated. Even assuming full reliability of PCR tests, there are great doubts about this (for example, the Swedish Public Health Agency has admitted that PCR technology is unable to distinguish between viruses capable of Infection of cells with viruses that have been neutralized by the immune system, tests cannot be used to determine whether the tested person transmits the virus or not), in our country, in accordance with the provisions of the Cabinet Regulations on the Establishment of Certain Restrictions, Orders and Prohibitions with respect to When an epidemic occurs, is not It is necessary to test vaccinated persons when providing medical assistance to them – The doctor mentioned it.

He said that as a result of these regulations, even if a patient has symptoms of Covid-19 but has been sedated, they are usually refused the test. – Of course, whether or not to perform such a test is of no importance to the patient’s treatment, but it seriously undermines the infection rate of the vaccine – It was referred to by Dr. Martek.

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The doctor admitted that “there is also a suspicion” that PCR tests are performed differently for stained and uncorrected spots. – For example, the US Center for Disease Control has provided guidelines for laboratories so that the number of cycles of PCR testing in the case of vaccinated people does not exceed 28 CT. I assure that these guidelines only apply to post-vaccination tests – pointed out.

The goal is to avoid false positives in people who have been vaccinated — which could undermine public confidence in vaccines. However, no one is alarmed by the false positive test in the unvaccinated – Dr. Martika said.