a test.  Sayings from the Polish People's Republic.  Do you remember communist slogans?  Memory check 02/05/2024

The test of sayings from the Polish People's Republic will thoroughly test your knowledge and, at the same time, your memory, which often deceives you. How much do you remember from the old days? This is the moment to check it out! The distinctive texts of the Polish People's Republic are mainly known to people born before 1980, but anyone can prove familiarity with them. Sayings and sayings during communism were very popular. They were used at work, during strikes, and even for evening tastings with friends. However, it was often necessary to be careful when expressing certain slogans publicly, because the authorities might not like them. How well do you remember the sayings of the Polish People's Republic? Test your memory on February 5, 2024 and get all thirteen points.

100 general knowledge questions quiz. 82/100 means you have a perfect mind! you can not do it

Car classics of the Polish People's Republic in Łasztownia in Szczecin

Iconic sayings from the Polish People's Republic. If you remember them all you are a genius!

Question 1 of 13

Complete the famous sentence of the Polish People's Republic: Writers write, students study, and…

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