A major achievement in nuclear fusion research with the participation of the Poles

Ladies and Gentlemen, A major achievement in nuclear fusion research with the participation of Poles has recently been announced.

We present the moment when one of the world's largest and most powerful thermonuclear devices set a world energy record. As told today at 2:33pm by Polish Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Precision Fusion, The generated discharge achieved thermonuclear energy lasting for 5 seconds. The result was a record 69 megajoules of energy while only 0.2 milligrams of fuel was used!!! This is the result of 40 years of scientific research.

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Ladies and Gentlemen Common European Taurus (JET), one of the largest and most powerful thermonuclear devices in the world. This achievement represents a milestone in the field of fusion science and engineering. We can create fusion plasma using the same fuel mixture that would be used in commercial power plants, demonstrating the advanced expertise we have gained over the years.

Nuclear fusion

Nuclear fusion, the process that powers stars like our Sun, is a clean, primary source of long-term heat and electricity, using small amounts of fuel that can be obtained from inexpensive materials around the world. When a mixture of two hydrogen isotopes (deuterium and tritium) is heated to form a controlled plasma at extreme temperatures (10 times hotter than the Sun's core), the deuterium and tritium nuclei fuse together to form helium and release energy that will be used to produce electrical power.

Congratulations to Professor Agata Chomietzewska, with whom I had the opportunity to talk about coordinating the above-mentioned achievement on behalf of Poland. What you and your team are doing is a milestone in future energy production on a commercial scale using nuclear fusion. But it is also evidence of the power of physics and our knowledge of fundamental phenomena and the nature of matter.

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