Boyfriend, Stalker, Killer: The Netflix Documentary Has No Disturbing Details

Upon release on Netflix, Lover, stalker, killer Sparked lively debates: viewers even brought up disturbing details not included in the documentary.

Chances are if you're a fan of news Lover, stalker, killer Got your attention. A recent Netflix documentary explores the shocking incident by Dave Grupa, Gary Farver and Liz Collier, shedding light on the dark side of online dating.

After the divorce, Dave decided to pursue casual relationships. Little did he know that it would lead him down a terrifying path of torture, deception and murder.

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At the exit Lover, stalker, killerViewers pored over the details, and shocking revelations that weren't in the Netflix documentary surfaced online.

Visitors Lover, stalker, killer Reveals gory details omitted by the documentary


Visitors Lover, stalker, killer After discovering a court document from Shanna “Liz” Collier's 2018 appeal, some details of the case were discussed — including a text message Kari's boss sent to replace “Shanna Collier” announcing her resignation.

Given a limited 90 minutes, Netflix documentaries only cover a limited amount of topics. This was inevitably a source of questions. On that day a Dedicated Reddit threadOne user raised: “I know a documentary needs to be shortened, but there still seems to be too many moments where the police should be called immediately..” Then he asked: “Even if they knew from the beginning that they were dealing with a dangerous person, why not hunt?

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However, during the investigation, although evidence suggested that Collier had killed Carrie and posed as her to torment Dave, the police still had no evidence to confirm the facts – and without a body, the process was often lengthy. In relation to harassment beyond suspicion of murder, many internet users have pointed out that it is difficult to arrest a victim without physically harming them.

They can harass you, call you dozens of times, follow you everywhere.,” one replied in response. Another asked: “Why didn't the police investigate Gary Farver's disappearance more, especially after his car was wiped clean with all but a print on the mint wrapper?“To which another replied:”Honestly, this is just my opinion, I think they assumed she was a 'crazy ex' and decided that on purpose..”

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Is the police really powerless in this case? Lover, stalker, killer ?

However, a netizen claiming to work for news projects and covering the case told the police that “It should be understood from the beginning“, sharing 2018 appeals court documents that reveal several alarming details.

View Judas Lover Stalker FillerNetflix

Liz, pretending to be Kari, asks Kari's mother to let Liz into Kari's house to collect a bedroom suite she allegedly 'sold' her. Kari's mother receives a photo of a check made out to Kari via text from 'Kari' (Liz). Liz signed her own name on the check.”

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On top of that, a few days after killing her, Liz used Kari's phone to impersonate herself and text her that she was quitting her job and that someone named 'Shana Collier' was going to replace her..” In other words, he used his full name as a “fictitious” person instead of Kari.

It's hard to prove internet users wrong – see the full court document ICI. These details shocked viewers of the documentary. One of them noted: “The word from 'Kari' at work that 'Shanna' was going to replace her was an incredible detail! The investigators really missed this.” Another, “This is so crazy…she used her name? Did she abuse her mother too? She was completely distraught.”

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Lover, stalker, killer Available on Netflix from February 9, 2024.

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