61 cases of coronavirus in the region on Wednesday.  Three people died

We have 61 new confirmed cases of coronavirus in West Pomeranian Province. Three injured people died during the day – Wednesday hours later. 10.30 Notified by the Ministry of Health.

That number is much higher than it was on Wednesday of last week (September 15), when there were 36 new infections. It also equals the record for the wave of epidemic growth that followed the holiday – 61 were also found on Saturday (September 18).

27 new cases of SARS-VoV-2 were detected this time in Szczecin. There were seven of them in the Goleniów district, four in Gryfino and Police poviats.

Three infected people died in the Westpomeranian region during the day. They all had covid-19 comorbidities. Two of them were residents of Szczecin, and one came from Łobeski poviat.

Province/City number of cases

For 10 thousand. Apartments.

Biaugardzki 0 0
choczno 0 0
drawski 3 0.53
goleniowski 7 0.85
griffy 0 0
Grivinsky 4 0.49
kamiski 2 0.43
kołobrzeski 3 0.38
Kozalinsky 0 0
myśliborski 1 0.15
Poliki 4 0.49
Birzeki 0 0
Slawinski 3 0.54
stargardsky 2 0.17
Szczecinki 1 0.13
świdwiński 2 0.43
Walecki 0 0
łobeski 1 0.27
koszalin 0 0
Szczecin 27 0.67
Swinoujscie 1 0.24


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