November 29, 2022


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A song by Stromain splits into TF1's TV news

A song by Stromain splits into TF1’s TV news

It has been seven years since the Belgian singer Strome almost disappeared from the radar and went on to rebuild health and family life out of sight. However, last Sunday, in the middle of an interview with TF1 television news in France, he began to sing his last tube. Hell, From his new album Meeting, Host Ann-Claire Goudreau answered a question about her mood.

This exercise, which swears by the formal structure of television news broadcasting, caused a great deal of controversy in the television world. The French-speaking public can worship Strome, a talented musician teacherThen we dance And Papa – We compare this to Jack Brawl – The promotional effect of this music boom was striking. “It’s a well – planned PR event. The music started before he started singing. In fact, he did not sing, itLip synchronization , Underscores Patrick White, professor of journalism at UQAM’s Media School. Strome blinked from the middle of the audience.

The credibility of the press was shattered

TF1’s television news creates a kind of mass on the altar of reality and credibility, this intrusion of a clip, in the middle of an interview, even in an advertising space, shook the bulletin’s press credibility to many. L’Obs Performance is “shameful” and Release Speaks ” Infotainment .

“As much as Strome likes it, I really like his music, and it’s worrying that there shouldn’t be an artist or musician acting in a news broadcast,” White adds.

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Gray areas

While cultural journalism often takes advertising features and operates in “growing gray areas”, the boundaries seem to have been crossed here.

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In an interview with the French press 20 minutes, Host Anne-Claire Coudray and Yoann Saillon, art director of TF1, explained how Stromay’s intervention was planned. So this clip was introduced at the request of the singer. “He wanted us to be in newspaper grammar when we went into his world. We had to find balance together,” John Silen explained.

Notice the song LInsideDo, Which refers to the author’s depressing and suicidal chapters, started immediately after a question, predicted, and asked by the host: “In your songs, you talk too much about loneliness. Did music help you get rid of it? “

Anne-Claire Coudray said, “I am well aware that this intrusion occurs on television news broadcasts, a news broadcast that is almost sacred in terms of its circumference and its codes.” You can not do anything on a newspaper shelf ”, when the end is very satisfied. “Frankly, it has never happened to me to have an interview so honest, genuine, so impactful,” he added.

Patrick White notes that the so-called advertising magazine is more widespread in France than in Quebec. However, he hopes this training will generate complaints from journalists or unions of French directors.

Meanwhile, both TF1 and Strome can be happy to have managed a lucrative advertising stunt.

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