The Garden of Manon Mass: GND is in danger!

In a few weeks, Québec solidaire will elect a new co-spokesperson to replace MP Manon Massé.

Whoever wins, we have a feeling that the winner of the next poll will be the prime ministerial candidate.

For example, if we ask candidate Christine Labrie if she is ready to run for Quebec Solidaire leader and prime minister, she responds affirmatively: “The answer is yes, otherwise I won’t get off. In this race.”

He also said this in the same interview with Canadian Press: “I have not become a decorative companion in this race.”

A place reserved for Manon Mass in 2022 and a stark warning from Gouin to his colleague.


Now we understand better why Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois defends Jean-Dalon’s Facebook ad by his candidate.

Clearly, the parliamentary president of Québec solidaire must perform well on October 2nd. Otherwise, it will provide arguments to members who believe that GND cannot top the QS during the 2026 campaign.

Unity groups were very disappointed from the last campaign. Also, despite Dominic Anglet’s victory in the former’s constituency last spring, QS has stagnated in voting intentions.

Generally, the QS must have had a bit of a honeymoon after winning Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne. Unfortunately for GND, it’s quiet.

2026 election

The next few weeks will be critical for the future of Quebec Solitaire and the Coen membership.

Mr. If Nadeau-Dubois thinks he can recover and forget his performance during the famous “Orange Lines” debates in 2022, he will be disappointed.

Politics is unforgiving. Unfortunately, like the pen, party leaders are now “disposable items”.

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