Rome: a funeral scandal.  A swastika was marked on the activist's coffin

And the media published pictures of the parishioners in the center of the Eternal City, where they were detained funeral ceremonies 44 years działaczki neofaszystowskiego ruchu Forza Nova. After they finished, they were honored for her romanian salutationAnd placed on the coffin flag with swastika. Residents of neighboring houses filmed him from their windows.

lasts Police investigations In order to identify the participants in the accident that caused it wave of protests.

Procuratorate of Rome mentioned that strongly condemns What happened In front of the Diocese of Saint Lucia After the funeral and indicated its completion Without the knowledge of the parish priest And all the clergy are there. The note confirms the presence of a swastika “A terrible symbol incompatible with Christianity”.

Moreover, the Archdiocese of Rome condemned this act as “Heavy, offensive and unacceptable ideological exploitation And I cited the words of the priest that There was no approval of this.

A separate statement was issued condemning the incident from the parish priest and his deputy “Deep sadness, disappointment and disagreement with what happened.”


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