Alicia Moffett announces a message we are afraid of

Alicia Moffett took the time to announce a message we fear for subscribers on her Instagram. On the evening of December 21, he released a speech announcing that he was no longer paired with Billy-Lou’s father, Alex Mending, who had been dating for 4 years.

In her speech, Alicia mentions that she has been trying very hard the last few times and that the situation is complicated considering everything they have in common. Their number one priority will be their daughter Billy-Lou.

Alicia, who has always been active since appearing on La Voix, has a series of plans. Especially in the last year, many professional announcements have been made. Alicia and Alex have done a lot of work as partners, lovers and parents.

Alicia and Alex have enjoyed a lot for almost 4 years and Alicia is growing up.

Alexandre wanted to make it clear that the official split was Alicia’s decision, which did not reveal the official reasons for the breakup. He simply explains in his post that they will be loving parents to their little girl together.

Very kind to them.

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