YouTube will look very different soon

The YouTube platform is constantly changing so users have to get used to it. This time, the evolution (because it’s hard to talk about a revolution) will mainly affect the dark theme and the arrangement of buttons. The changes are currently in the testing phase, and we’ll see the final impact in the next few weeks.

Details can be read From the official YouTube blog. The update was released yesterday, but the changes will be rolled out and modified gradually based on user feedback. The shift will mostly cover Android and iOS apps. The changes will also affect Internet browsers and Smart TV.

The most important changes are presented below. Some of them have already entered into force on October 24 (tests), the rest will be submitted or patched in the coming weeks.

Tweaks have been made for the site’s 17th birthday, but we’ll have to wait a few weeks for the final effect. According to the website, the opinions of its creators and users have a real impact on the operation of the website. It is possible that the update was intended to improve the company’s image – especially afterwards 4K Payment RumorsAnd the Increasing the price of premium service.

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