The war in Ukraine.  Discrimination against Roma refugees from Ukraine in Germany

The problem of anti-Gypsy is not new, Demagüler said at a press conference published by Deutsche Welle on Saturday. Even before the war in Ukraine, many members of this community were affected by exclusion at different levels: limited access to education and health care, disastrous housing conditions, lack of recognition as a minority, A German official stated that the war only highlighted this structural distinction.

Today, many Ukrainians are gypsies vulnerable to further discrimination as refugees It is stressed both in Germany and other European countries. He added that aid targeting Roma often does not reach them.

Daimagueler recently visited Ukraine with the co-chair of the German Federal Federation of Sinti and Roma, Daniel Strauss, and the European Parliament, Romeo Franz.

He currently lives in Ukraine 400 thousand people belonging to the Roma community, Only 30 percent of them live “in normal conditions,” Strauss said. He added that Ukrainian Gypsies need immediate assistance and a long-term strategy to treat this minority as an equal.

Anticyganim is present not only in Ukraine, but also in Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic – Franz stressed in turn. – He stressed that anti-gypsy is a European problem.

Demaguiler said the reason for his visit to Ukraine was also due to the nearly a dozen anti-Gypsy incidents that had occurred recently in Germany. For example, it was reported that Roma refugees from Ukraine were thrown from trains. The German Anti-Gypsy Commissioner stressed that it was “unbearable” that the descendants of those transported in Reichsbahn cars to Nazi concentration camps after 70-80 years would be subjected to racist attacks on Deutschen Bahn trains.

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