Scandal in Glasgow.  There is an appeal to the Polish highway authorities

During the GP Challenge in Glasgow, competitors competed on a track that did not have inflatable bands. The result was a fatal injury to Anders Thomsen. Therefore, an appeal was sent to the Polish highway authorities by Krzysztof Cegielski.

Simon Michalsky

Anders Thomsen

WP SportoweFakty / Patrick Kowalski / Pictured: Anders Thomsen

On Saturday, the Grand Prix Challenge took place at the racetrack in Glasgow. One run ended badly for Anders Thomsen. Although the Dane’s downfall wasn’t bad, as it turns out, the player representing Bermuda team Stahl Gorzow in Poland suffered. Leg and fibula fractures.

Most likely, Thompson could have come out of this avalanche unscathed, had it not been for the gangs installed in the stadium in Glasgow, which It wasn’t full of air. Krzysztof Cegielski does not intend to leave this matter.

– Szymon Woźniak assured me that the bands to be inflated did not have an air blower – Cegielski said in PGE Ekstraliga in Canal + Sport 5. – Perhaps it’s time to deal with the gentlemen at the FIM, Armando Castagna, Phil Morris sending the players for some broken bones Anders Thomsen hit the gang and will probably usually return to the park alone. The head of the Methanol Association added, he hit something that did not look like a ring blown in the air, but hit a very solid structure, and broke a bone.

Czejelski also appealed to Polish motorway authorities not to remain indifferent to what happened in Glasgow. – You have to put pressure, because the gentlemen (from FIM, add. SM) are laughing in the eyes of the players. I believe in PGE President Ekstraliga, in GKSŻ President Piotr Szymański, that they will intervene and take care of the fate of the players competing in the Polish leagues, which also maintain these players in international competitions. It’s time we take care of that – Krzysztof Siegelski summed up.

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