Mourinho came up with a new role for Zalewski.  The pole collects great views before the Napoli strike

Nicola Zalewski a month before the World Cup is not only more and more clear, but even the only idea of ​​Czeslaw Michenewicz to fill the left pendulum in the Polish national team. Any other solution would be an attempt to salvage the situation in case this might happen – knock! Roma young footballer injured. In the club, he adapts to changes and collects great opinions.

The praise can be confirmed tonight, because today Rome receives guests who will want to mess with Stadio Olimpico, that is, the Napoli team with Piotr Zieliński.

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Zalewski’s new role in Rome

Nicolas has played 598 for 1,260 minutes this season, which is 47 percent of his potential time on the field. It started as a substitute early in the season – on the left he was replaced by the recovering and invaluable Leonardo Spinazzola. Jose Mourinho had more reasons to bet on an Italian than a Polish. Everyone remembers him for winning the European Championship in 2021, when he was one of the brightest points in the national team.

So Zalewski was accepted into parts of the matches, usually doing well and refreshing the match in the second half. Even the circumstances and again the misfortune of others – as in the previous season – gave the opportunity to prove itself. This time in a different situation. Shifting to the right was due to injuries to Rick Karsdorp and Zeki Celik.

Earlier, Zalewski saw a ring on the right pendulum in the Roma-Torino match, which was the last round of the 2021/2022 season. Mourinho stated that this drug looks very good in a limited squad, both in defense and attack. Sometimes he goes inside in half of the competitor. We asked Mateusz Schwicky about it:

I have the impression that Nikola Zalowski is a footballer who wants to play better than now as an attacking midfielder. He told me this himself when we met in Rome. For him, the pendulum is far from expected, but playing there is better than not playing at all. And even if he played great with Betis, I liked him very much – says the commentator for Eleven Sports.

We also asked Eleven’s Marcin Nowomiejski for his opinion, who cited Zalewski’s very good performance in matches with Atalanta (0:1), Lecce (2:1), Betis (1-1) and Sampdoria (1:0) and confirms relevant media outlets. Great interest, especially the local media. Zalewski is described as a reveal from the previous season, and expectations for him are an affirmation of form this season, interest on both pendulums, and versatility if necessary.

Hit the Italian league with a Polish background

Zalewski has played 343 minutes on the team this year. They are certainly more than his natural alternatives – Arkadiusz Reca and Tymoteusz Puchacz – combined. They combined 90 and 118 minutes, respectively, with an eagle on their chest during Mitchnowitz’s tenure. Although the limiter has always made it clear that he prefers to have a player with a left foot usually on the left pendulum, he doesn’t mind Zalewski’s leading leg. Just like the player himself, you don’t mind the game on the theoretically weaker second leg.

Today’s meeting with Napoli quite hit. The Italian league leaders cannot be stopped this season. Luciano Spalletti has created a monster that has won the last ten games in a row, dominates his opponent, and whenever he can – strangles and beats him. Piotr Zieliński feels it well, and during the last gathering of the national team, the perception of the fans about him has changed. It could be called the winner in September.

On the other hand, Roma plays the check, as evidenced by the fact that they have won the inning in the last ten matches, drawn one and lost four. It’s a lot more than what Jose Mourinho built last season. However, the conditions are not favorable. If we were to show them in one picture, that would show the injured Paulo Dybala leaving the field.

Roma’s last victory over Napoli was in November 2019. Should today’s breakthrough be expected? of course not. The situation before this match was best described by Jose Mourinho himself: – Napoli are the favorites, but sometimes the favorites lose. We have to go into this game and see what can be done.

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