A revolution in the automotive industry.  An inexpensive car is sent for collection in packaging like from Ikea

The Luvly O is a two-seater electric car, which – according to the manufacturer – has a lot of advantages. It weighs only 380 kg, about a fifth of a standard electric car, such as the Tesla Model 3, which will reduce emissions during production.

Low power consumption means Luvly needs a smaller battery to get around, the standard one is just 6.4 kWh. But that’s not the best – The battery is two separate units that weigh 15kg each and can be removedwrites industry website electrek.co.

The car can be charged conventionally, but where there is no free station – the driver simply removes the battery and charges it, for example at work or at home. A standard 220-230V outlet is enough to “refuel” your Luvly O in about an hour.

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Small but safe and fast (for the city) toy car

The car is meant to be fast charging, but also fast enough for the urban conditions for which it was designed. lovely ya It easily accelerates to 90 km / h. The manufacturer guarantees that the car body will be made of multi-layered material with additional energy-absorbing foam.

However, the real revolution concerned the production and transmission of the vehicle. The operations will be similar to the way IKEA works. Cars will not leave the factory as a whole, but in parts. They will be sent in flat packs to the exact factories that will assemble the vehicle.

One shipping container contains the parts required for a total of 20 cars. Thanks to this, the manufacturer will be able to significantly reduce transportation costs. Obviously, customers will feel it.

Dirt cheap electric car

Electrek.co reports that Luvly O will cost 10,000 EuroWhich is just over 46,000. zlotys.

It’s cheaper than any you’ll find, and no more expensive than quality cargo bikes. If it eventually qualifies for electric vehicle subsidies in the various regions where it will be sold, the price could become ridiculously low.

You can already express interest in purchasing this car, but there is no word yet on when the cars will actually hit the market.

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