Dismissal of the PARP Board of Directors.  “It is the largest organization supporting entrepreneurs in Poland.”

The Ministry of Finance and Regional Policy announced recruitment for the position of Head of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) – the announcement was published on the government website. Earlier, the Minister of Finance and Regional Policy dismissed the PARP Board of Directors.

He stated that interested persons must submit the documents mentioned in the advertisement by February 12 this year.

On Monday morning, Minister of Finance and Regional Policy Katarzyna Pieczynska-Nalcz dismissed the board of directors of the Polish Enterprise Development Agency. It was decided that Joanna Zibaczynska-Swiatek, current Director of the Program Coordination and Implementation Department at PARP, will be the Acting President of PARP.

Dismissal of the PARP Board of Directors

– Decided to dismiss the Board of Directors of the Polish Project Development Agency (PARP). It is the largest institution that supports entrepreneurs in Poland and has huge funds to support entrepreneurs. From a fiscal perspective 2021-2027, this amounts to about PLN 20 billion from structural funds. This year, PARP should transfer PLN 3.5 billion to entrepreneurs, Katarzyna Pečinska Nalic, Minister of Finance and Regional Policy, said on Monday morning at a press conference.

She noted that this year, about 1,000 people should receive support from PARP. business men. “That is why it is so important for PARP to be a modern organization that stands at the forefront of customer service,” she explained.

PARP is a dormant institution

– This is an inactive, inefficient and undynamic institution and this must change – said Pełczyńska-Nałęcz. She said that the goal is to shorten the application processing time.

She pointed out that the competition ended in November last year and companies submitted 3,000 entries. Conclusions.

– Today I learned from the dismissed PARP Board of Directors that these applications will be considered for a year. This means that entrepreneurs will receive information about support a year after the competition ends, that is, in November of this year. The minister said this was unacceptable. “This has to change,” she added.

BarbJakub Kaczmarczyk/PAP

Competition for the position of Chairman of PARP

– Today I also announce a professional and transparent competition for the President of PARP according to all standards – said Pełczyńska-Nałęcz.

Deputy Minister of Finance and Regional Policy, Jan Šiško, added that first of all, the recruitment period will be extended “to 3 weeks, up to 21 days.”

– In this way, we want to give time to all people who might be interested in participating in this competition. We want to find the best possible professionals for the job. Shesko stressed that the recruitment criteria will be known to the public, adding that one of them will be a knowledge test. -We will also ask for very short and concise presentations, in which candidates present their main objectives. The Deputy Minister said: I expect this employment to continue for about a month or a month and a half.

Barb – what is it?

PARP declares on its website that the aim of its activities is to implement economic development programs that support innovative and research activities of small and medium-sized enterprises, regional development, export growth, human resources development and the use of new technologies in business. Activities.

It was added that PARP participates in the implementation of national and international projects financed by structural funds, the state budget and multi-year programs of the European Commission.

PARP takes an active part in the creation and effective implementation of state policy in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation and adaptability of human resources. It was noted that all activities of the agency are implemented with a special focus on the needs of the SME sector.

Main image source: Twitter/Ministry of Finance and Regional Policy

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