A prominent citizen of Greater Poland has died.  He was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize

Professor Tadeusz Malinski was 77 years old.

Sad news arrived from abroad. On September 13, Professor Tadeusz Malinski died at Ohio State – a prominent Polish scientist and chemist specializing in biotechnology in basic and clinical medical sciences. The professor was born in Sharm and was an honorary citizen of that city. Since 2000, Professor Tadeusz Malinski has held an emeritus professorship at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio (Marvin and Anne Dilley White Professor of Biomedical Sciences).

About the death of Professor Malinsky was informed by the hospital in Shrem. The facility is named after him. “Professor Tadeusz Malinski was an exceptional researcher dealing with the regulatory effect of nitric oxide on the functioning of the circulatory system. He measured the concentration of nitric oxide above the surface of a single cell and inside the cell. He also studied the behavior of nitric oxide” in pathological conditions, for example Alzheimer’s disease. He has been awarded several times for the most innovative discovery in medicine, and was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Chemistry,” we read in the official announcement by Michal Sobolevski, Head of the T. Maliński District Hospital in Shrem.

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Added: 15 September 2023 22:15

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