We will meet.  Doctors do not encourage vaccination.  One of them was already punished by the local medical court

One case concluded with an application for punishment to the district court Tennis Court The second is at the stage of the proceedings conducted by the Ombudsman for professional responsibility in the region. A spokesman for the International Labor League did not provide detailed information on both cases. However, he admitted that the actions relate to, inter alia, the following: the activity of doctors in social media.

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Restrictions on people who do not want to be vaccinated? PSLE chief comments

It is professional misconduct not encouraging doctors to vaccinate

The head of the Regional Medical Council of the Military Institute of Medicine, Artur de Rosier, told PAP that the promotion of anti-health attitudes by a doctor, such as convincing others not to vaccinate, is being treated as professional misconduct. . added Greater Poland The medical room has always been a promoter vaccinations.

– In 2018, we launched the “I Feed You” campaign. the doctors Then the dentists vaccinated against it diphtheriaTetanus, whooping cough and polio. In this way, we drew attention to the danger they represented diseases contagious and that vaccine immunity decreases over time. Work is in progress, with the current focus on vaccination against flu I COVID-19 – He said.

“No more!” Politicians in the procession of Eiza. Anger unites us

He added that WIL has senior specialists, scientists and practitioners who can dispel all doubts – including those related to vaccination.

Doctors from Wielkopolska did not encourage patients to vaccinate against COVID-19

In September, a spokesperson for the Military Institute of Medicine, when asked how doctors explained the reasons for patients discouraging vaccination during procedures, said that they indicated that vaccination may lead to an undesirable vaccine reaction and that in countries with high vaccination coverage there is still getting sick employment COVID-19.

The doctors against whom the lawsuit was filed also claimed that the research was conducted Vaccines COVID-19 was done very briefly, and now we claim we are dealing with some kind of medical trial.

Municipal hospital them.  Ostrich in PoznanPoznan: Facilities for the deaf when vaccinating against COVID-19

The spokesman pointed out that after each vaccination and after each vaccination place Undesirable effects may occur, but their number is negligible. He also stressed that research into the technologies used in current COVID-19 vaccines has been done for years.

Author: Rafai Bogherbny / PAP

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