October 6, 2022


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The war in Ukraine.  Day 188 of the Russian invasion.  He lives

The war in Ukraine. Day 188 of the Russian invasion. He lives

Invasion of Ukraine Russia is cut off from the Western world And make it still More dependent on Chinais often depicted in a duet with the Kremlin as two authoritarian states, In his quest to change the world order, Alexander Gabov, an expert from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Moscow, wrote in Foreign Affairs.

To please China and Russian leaders They will have to accept unfavorable conditions Trade negotiations, support the Chinese position in international forums, and Until they limit their relations at the request of Beijing With countries such as India and Vietnam – writes Gabujew.

The author notes that The start of the war in Ukraine It presented China with the difficult dilemma of choosing a site for the invasion. Russia’s support will expose them to sanctions and loss of market access and Western technology. On the other hand, her actions can be condemned Disruption of relations between the two countries.

Beijing sees its relationship with Moscow as Important for many reasons. First of all, the economy Russia and China complement each other perfectly. Russia is rich in natural resources, but needs technology and investment China can advance technology and investments, but They lack natural resources. Russia is also a major arms exporter to China. Moreover, both countries have similar approaches to many global issues and Refrain from criticizing each other on human rights Gabujew explains.

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