A nighttime drone attack could have targeted “Putin’s Palace”

Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to the Ukrainian Interior Minister, noted in a social media post that the nighttime drone attack could have targeted the so-called Vladimir Putin Palace in Gelendzhik.

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He referred to the statement of the governor of the Russian Krasnodar Region, Veniamin Kondratyev, who said that the drone debris “caused damage to an unfinished building” in the village of Krynika. As Gerashenko points out, this city has vineyards and a winery that could belong to the residence of a Russian dictator.

Was a palace built for Putin attacked?

The advisor to the Ukrainian Interior Minister noted that another drone crashed in the Jankhut region, located near Putin’s palace in Gelendzhik. As he recalls, on May 17, drones were already flying near the Russian leader’s residence.

Gerashchenko explained that near Jankhut’s house on Cape Edokopas, there is an estate and a palace that, according to numerous investigations, was built for Putin. However, in the village of Krynica, an Old Provence winery was built to process the grapes grown on this estate.

Putin denied that the palace belonged to him

As we read in Gerashchenko’s post, Putin claimed in 2021 that the “palace” did not belong to him and that it had never been there. However, several investigations indicated that the residence was built for the Russian dictator.

A drone attack on Putin’s palace, if that was indeed the goal of the night operation, would amount to a symbolic attack on one of the Russian leader’s properties. This would show that a war against Ukraine could reach even the most heavily guarded facilities belonging to the Kremlin’s top elite.

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