A new component for the solar cell made the engineers happy.  Here are some of its advantages

They are now writing about the behind-the-scenes experience that took place Jules. As they explain, their goal was to identify a component that would demonstrate high efficiency in converting solar energy into electricity, and at the same time would be stable and readily available. If we believe the assurances of the research team members that they were able to accomplish this task.

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Experiments conducted in laboratory conditions showed that the newly discovered material is highly resistant to the factors affecting it. As a result, it is excellent at converting solar energy and can be used in air and water for example. According to the authors, the possibility of such widespread use of the described component ensures low costs.

The use of technology was a very important element of the experience undertaken. Thanks to this, engineers created a database containing nearly 40,000 materials. While in most cases it is necessary to analyze each candidate individually, here a group examination was performed.

A component of solar cells known as BaCd2s2 He was selected from a very wide pool of approximately 40,000 candidates

About 20 potentially revolutionary photovoltaic components advance to the next “round.” Since the stability of these cells could not be physically assessed, it was necessary to perform practical tests. Then experiments began in laboratory conditions, which made it possible to select the most promising participant in the competition. It's BCD2s2Which can be used in the form of a so-called solar absorber – the element responsible for absorbing the light emanating from our star.

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As an additional effort, the researchers want to see how well other materials from the same family fare. In addition, they plan to continue improving the tools they have to evaluate the properties of tested materials faster and more effectively. Although they admit that the prospect of producing photovoltaics using the newly discovered component is a very distant vision, it will happen sooner or later.

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