A Les Oliver Gala “Representative of the Community”

The Olivier organization says it presented a gala “with the aim of representing the community”, despite criticism of the age gap, and a “respectful” tribute to Jean Lapointe, even if some found it too brief.

The 24th edition of Gala Les Olivier was praised for the work of its new host, Catherine Levac. But beyond the coronation of Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais, it was the near-absence of comedy veterans that caused the most talk.

“We need to think about inclusion of all generations,” Meg Gilles wrote on Twitter. Danny Turcotte has spoken of the “disdain” of the new generation of comedians.

At the Association of Professionals in the Comedy Industry (APIH), which organizes Les Oliviers, we reject the rejection of one generation for the benefit of another.

“Sometimes, we do invitations, and for all kinds of reasons, it doesn’t work,” says APIH Director General Joan Balliot. There are some people who can’t come to the gala because of scheduling availability issues. Others don’t want to put themselves under the pressure of memorizing a text that will only be used once. »

“At the beginning of production, we think about diversity in all its forms. There are years when we see more experienced people and less young people. This year is going to be like that. »

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No offense

Director Patrick Huard, Pierre Brassard and Guy Jodoin are among the veteran comedians who took part in Sunday’s gala. “Can’t say no. »

One of the comedians of the old guard, Virginie Fortin and Arnaud Choli in the number “Target”, reported Maxime Martin. Register Even if you don’t see Kala, don’t be offended by the jokes about her.

“Leather pants, we laughed at it ourselves. They all passed MoneyThose who wear them. […] We know what a Les Oliver Gala is, and it’s a Fry [bien-cuit]. […] Twenty years ago, society in general was different. If you’re doing a gala, it’s normal to joke about it. But above all, it is necessary to underline evolution. »

A place of tribute

Regarding the tribute reserved for Jean Lapointe during the gala, which lasted less than a minute, Joan Balliot responded, “It was agreed with his estate, it was good for them, it was done respectfully. Compared to other galas that have this section 22 [artistes décédés] In two minutes, I think we did things well.

On Sunday afternoon, at the Industry Gala, APIH paid tribute to Dominique Michel by presenting her with the Oliver Mersey Boy Tout. Could the award have been presented to him during the televised gala in the evening?

Since the Radio-Canada broadcaster decided to reduce the duration of the ceremonies from 2h30 to 2h, gifts that look like tributes “are no longer possible at the galas,” explains Joan Balliot.

Since its creation in 2018, the Olivier Merci Bourgeois has been presented to Yvon Deschamps, Jean Lapointe and Martin Matte each time during the off-air gala. “It is designed to be a big part of our industry gala. »

“It’s fine with Dominic [Michel] Because he’s 90 years old, the producer continues. She came to receive the gift and immediately left. To attend the two-hour program [en soirée], it demanded of her. »

Festive atmosphere

Joanne Bouliot notes that she takes great pride in opening the gala with a festive atmosphere and unifying style on Sunday evening. “We are coming out of two years of galas Covid mode and we are not in that mood. »

The ratings – 834,500 viewers watched the gala – pleased the organizers as well. “They give us a lot of hope for the future and to celebrate our 25th year next year”.

After several host changes over the past few years, could Les Olivier have found their longtime host in Catherine Levac? “The director replied that we are going to start talking about it with the people concerned before revealing it publicly. But we are sure to emerge from a very positive experience with her. »

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