A large dark spot over the USA.  From where he came?  NASA showed an image

An American probe captured what Saturday’s solar eclipse over the United States looked like from the perspective of space. The image published by NASA shows a large dark spot.

On October 14, an annular solar eclipse occurred in the Western Hemisphere. The Moon came between the Sun and the Earth and almost completely covered our daylight, causing only the edges of the Sun to appear in the sky for a short time, creating the so-called ring of fire. This amazing phenomenon can be admired mainly by residents of the United States.

Solar eclipse in a photo from space

The Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR), which monitors Earth and studies space weather, captured the shadow cast by the Moon over the USA. The photo was taken at 11.58 local time. The shadow is especially visible over southeast Texas. This was one of the places where the annular solar eclipse was best visible.

Before the eclipse appeared over this part of the United States, it could be seen in Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. Then people in Central America and some South American countries had the opportunity to admire them.

The shadow cast by the moon is visible over the United States during the October 14 solar eclipseEarthobservatory.nasa.gov

When is the next performance?

The probe, owned by NASA, the US Air Force and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, is located 1.5 million kilometers from Earth.

The next annular solar eclipse in the United States will occur in 2039. Before that, on April 8, 2024, a total eclipse will be visible from Texas to Maine. In Poland, we will not see the annular eclipse until 2075, but on March 29, 2025, there will be a chance to see a partial eclipse.

Earthobservatory.nasa.gov, tvnmeteo.pl

Main image source: Earthobservatory.nasa.gov

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