Armored Core 6 by From Software in first shots.  Game footage leaked

We didn’t have to wait long for the Armored Core 6 screenshots to appear. The material isn’t of exceptional quality, but it shows what From Software’s new production will look like.

We wrote about Armored Core 6 on the portal over the weekend And while texts by journalists from around the world lack specific evidence, we can now check out some footage from the upcoming From Software.

We can not talk about screenshots of exceptional quality here, because the player who received the poll had to hide his nickname – the watermark appears on all similar materials.

However, as you can see – Armored Core 6 is clearly in development. It’s hard to anticipate anyone wanting to create similar fake screenshots, so basically the question remains: When will we hear about the game?

The author confirmed that he had seen four pages of the questionnaire and that each of them contained four pictures – and he could not save the two films in any way.

Given that Elden Ring will debut in February, maybe in 2022 we’ll see the first Armored Core 6 trailer? If the Japanese were targeting a slightly different goal than the aforementioned position, the company would have no problems launching two games on the market within 12 months.

Mussafah Core 6 Technical Leak - 2

Mussafah Core 6 Technical Leak - 3

Mussafah Core 6 Technical Leak - 4


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