May 28, 2023


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Market Intermarche will be liquidated in Andrychów

Intermarche will operate in Andrychów for only a few more weeks.

The market will be open until the end of June Intermarsh On Włókniarzy Street in Andrychów. As we found out, the store will be liquidated.

Intermarche on Włókniarzy Street is one of the first large supermarkets established many years ago in Andrychów. Since then, the city’s business landscape has changed dramatically. The attack of chain stores has occurred especially in recent years – eg Neto, Lidl, Bedronca, Three Dino supermarkets. Plus little frogs and many more.

It is not known what caused the liquidation of Intermash in Andreyshaw. The fact is that in recent years the network has closed many unprofitable stores throughout Poland. Today, there are less than 200 stores of this French chain operating in our country.

It is possible that Intermarche will be replaced in the market for another series.

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