Why do you kick the steering wheel and why is it better to shake your car?

The suspension of every vehicle is one of the most heavily loaded vehicle systems. It is not surprising, then, that it is the suspension elements that most often need to be replaced. Shock absorbers are an important element in this, they dampen the transmission of vibrations to the car body, but above all, they ensure constant contact of the wheels with the road.

It depends not only on shock absorbers adhesionbut also – and therefore – track stability (especially in curves) and effective acceleration and braking. Malfunctioning shock absorbers also directly affect the malfunction of today’s standard active safety systems, such as stomach muscles if ESP.

Fortunately, worn or damaged shock absorbers make them felt, and the symptoms are usually quite typical. Before buying a used car in the first place, before starting a test drive, make sure that Look at the tires. Problems with shock absorbers can be demonstrated, for example, by their uneven wear. Over the years, the most common test for shock absorbers has been…body shake. If the car willingly succumbs to swaying, it may be suspected that the shock absorbers were not very effective. However, there is no point in kicking at the wheel of a car, which is a common reaction among “experts” to this day. In theory, this is supposed to detect play, but to verify this, the car would have to be in an elevator.

Before starting the test drive, it is worth checking that there are no shock absorbers on the shock absorber Oil traces. every leak Indicates a defect and the need for replacement. Other common signs of wear can be seen while driving – especially on uneven surfaces. Commentary should not come off No annoying soundsHow:

  • squeak,
  • squeak,
  • Methods.

Excessive vehicle vibration and the vibrations felt in the passenger compartment are also disturbing signals. During control, strong braking, a defective shock absorber will extend significantly from a distance and cause the so-called force of the car’s front sway. During braking, the shock absorber “dropped out” may also cause the car to noticeably “pull”. One must remember to perform such tests with absolute certainty that the tire pressure is correct.

Methods for self-checking the efficiency of shock absorbers are usually effective, but they will not replace professional diagnostics using specialized equipment, such as the famous “laundry machines”. All car control stations are equipped with this. Therefore, before buying a car, it is worth visiting one of them and treating it with a “fast track” check.

Remember, however, that the percentage of shock absorber efficiency results shown on the dashboard only gives a quick look at their condition, and their values ​​are greatly affected by eg tires

Each shock absorber works with many other elements, often a complex and complex suspension system. Car manufacturers attach great importance to making sure that each of its parts fits neatly together and meets strictly defined parameters, so when replacing it, we have to choose the shock absorber for a particular car model – there can be no arbitrariness here.

Another very important rule is the replacement of shock absorbers in pairs. If for any reason one of them has lost its properties and is not suitable for further use, then the other on the same axis must also be replaced. Only this approach will guarantee the damping properties.

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