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Students and winter break in Quebec. forecast.

spring break

Winters in many parts of Quebec should be the mildest on record. This mild trend should continue for the next two weeks. Positive temperature anomalies are expected, meaning mercury above normal. In fact, it sometimes reaches 15°C in the south of the province. So this year it's winter and the student population is resting.

“In terms of weather, anything can be expected during the period that marks spring break in Quebec,” explains meteorologist Région Ouimet. The beginning of March is an important period of the season, which leads to drastic changes. We may see the onset of spring with youth and sunshine, or the continuation of winter with cold temperatures and storms. »


Two lovely weeks

Spring break in Quebec spans two weeks. During this period, what should you expect? If you are planning outdoor activities like skiing, skating or sliding, you should choose your area accordingly. Moderate temperatures will cross the snow cover in many areas. Also, rain is likely by the middle of next week. Besides, there's good spring skiing in store north of Montreal.

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Early spring

These early spring conditions mean changing spring break plans. To a certain extent, the mildness is sufficient for suitable weather in early April. In fact, this mild wave punctuated by a brief drop in the mercury should deal the final blow to ground snow in many parts of Quebec. However, it should be noted that delayed widths of several weeks are still possible even in the south of the province.

“The strong trend of recent weeks will close the gap in early March,” assesses Réjean Ouimet. And so winter continues its decline. Post-winter conditions are on the menu for the first week of spring break. »

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In collaboration with Rejean Ouimet, Patrick Duplessis and Nicolas Lessard, meteorologists.

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