A former Meta employee has revealed that the Facebook app deliberately uses up smartphone batteriesFor a long time, we’ve been hearing rumors that Meta apps, like Facebook or Messenger, surreptitiously drain our battery percentage. These rumors were confirmed by the former employee of the company – George Hayward. It claims that Meta secretly runs a negative test on devices where one of its apps is installed. Should this information surprise us? No way.

Meta has a lot behind her ears, but new information has just surfaced. Facebook and Messenger stealthily, and at the same time intentionally, drain the battery of smartphones.

A former Meta employee revealed that the Facebook app intentionally drains smartphone batteries [1]

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according to New York PostAnd Companies use negative testing to verify the functionality of an application. However, in this way they lower the battery level – without the knowledge or consent of the user. The whole practice is well known among the company’s employees, but it is rarely shown. Earlier, the aforementioned George held the position of “Director of Data” in the company. He was fired specifically for refusing to engage in such activities. “I said to the manager, ‘It could hurt somebody.’ All I got was, “Harm a few people, it might help more people.” Hayward said in an interview with NYP.

A former Meta employee revealed that the Facebook app intentionally drains smartphone batteries [2]

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After George was fired, he sued the company and its practices. Unfortunately, his terms of employment dismissed the case to arbitration and he had to withdraw from it. Commenting on the situation, his lawyer said: “Without a doubt, this is illegal. It’s annoying that anyone can control my phone and my battery.”. It is known that employees at some stage of their work receive a so-called training document How to conduct an informed negative test. Contains examples of these measurements. Certainly, the company has not practiced such behavior from today. However, we should not think that after the official release of such information, nothing will change.

Source: New York Post, PhoneArena

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