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TV is the most convenient device for watching streaming services. Its popularity is increasing. In Poland we have, among others: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, HBO Max, Viaplay, Player, Polsat Box Go, DAZN and WP Pilot. There are also free streaming apps, such as TVP VOD, Polsat Go or YouTube.

Older and cheaper TVs do not have an operating system that allows them to be installed. It also happens that the system is outdated and YouTube or another application stops working on it. This was the fate of select device owners, for example, before HBO GO was rebranded as HBO Max. In such a situation, it is necessary to purchase a new TV or set-top box that is connected to the TV via the HDMI connector.

An alternative to terrestrial television and producer programs

It may also happen that between the end of March and the end of June, the user of a particular TV set, using digital terrestrial television, loses access to commercial stations, such as TVN, Polsat, TV Trwam or TV Puls. Channels are not searched, instead a message appears about no signal or just a black screen. This is the effect of changing the digital terrestrial television standard to DVB-T2 / HEVC.

Then you can exchange the TV, buy a set-top box or Smart TV set-top box. With it you can use services that provide the most important stations known from terrestrial television for a small monthly fee, such as WP Pilot (free after passing the ad block), Televio or

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The adapters can also be useful for people who have a TV turned on that for some reason does not support app data. Most of the apps can be found in the Android TV / Google TV Store. These systems can be found in Sony and Xiaomi devices and newer Philips and Panasonic TVs. Samsung offers Tizen, while LG offers WebOS. Some new applications appear on it with a delay (this was the case with the online Canal +, for example). To use it, it is worth buying a starter. It can also be useful when the TV’s internal memory is low, for example due to too many installed applications or stored recordings.

The most cost-effective Smart TV decoders

The cheapest media player found in most popular stores is Chromecast 3.0. You can buy it for 139 PLN. However, to operate the device, you need a smartphone or computer that replaces the remote control. This will not be a suitable solution for everyone, because while watching, we may want to use Facebook or Messenger at the same time.

Therefore, it is worth considering choosing a more expensive adapter, such as Chromecast 4.0 or another adapter with an operating system. Chromecast with the new Google TV system can be purchased for PLN 183-193.30 in the Amazon store. With this device, you can watch content in Full HD quality. In the case of old TVs, there is no point in overpaying for a 4K set-top box, because they will not support such a resolution anyway. Chromecast 4.0 in traditional electronics stores costs PLN 299-339, although recently it can be purchased as part of Black Week on Allegro for PLN 249. The device supports 4K and HDR at 60fps and has 4GB of internal memory.

Although in Poland starters are often offered with the Google system, devices from other manufacturers also have it. For example, the Chinese Xiaomi. Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, which is the size of a flash drive, supports Full HD resolution and has 8 GB of memory, we will often buy it for PLN 199.99. An additional PLN 60 has to be paid for a similar Xiaomi TV Stick 4K. The first device is equipped with Android TV 9.0, and the second is equipped with Android TV 11. As for the Xiaomi Box S, which does not look like a flash drive, you will have to pay about PLN 299. Attachments are also offered by another Xiaomi competitor in the smartphone market, such as Realme. Realme Smart TV Stick 4K, which costs 329 PLN, supports the newer and slightly easier Google TV system.

Not just Android TV

There are also cheaper and more expensive adapters with systems other than Android TV / Google TV available in stores. For PLN 319 you can buy Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD with a simple Fire OS. On the device we will use the most popular applications such as Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Canal + online, Player, WP Pilot, Polsat Box Go, Disney +, YouTube or Viaplay (prices for the cheaper Full HD variant start at PLN 139.99). Amazon also offers more expensive and Bigger media players under the Cube brand. We will pay PLN 599 for a 16GB model with 4K support.

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Devices from Apple cost more than gadgets from other companies. However, they have more internal memory. Apple TV HD with 32 GB of memory costs PLN 699, Apple TV 4K 32 GB costs PLN 889, and Apple TV 4K 64 GB PLN 899. On devices with tvOS, we will not only watch content from Apple TV +, but also Also other popular apps, such as YouTube, Disney + or Amazon Prime Video.

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