Britney Spears was afraid to regain her freedom

Britney Spears is upset with her fans and is afraid to do something stupid because she is on the verge of regaining her freedom.

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The pop star’s father, Jamie, recently lost his guardian status as he managed all aspects of his daughter’s life for 13 years.

But fear begins to obscure her happiness because the toxic singer does not want to be filmed to do something that will surprise people that she is ready to live without a training.

“I’m going to be honest, I’m going to wait so long to get out of the situation I am in now … I’m afraid to do anything when it’s over now because I ‘m afraid I’ m going to make a mistake !!!

“For years, I was always told that if I won, it would end … it never was !!! I worked so hard, I’m so happy, but there are a lot of things that scare me !!!” she continued.

“In the meantime … I’m away from the business I’ve known all my life … so it’s very confusing to me !!! Anyway … God bless you all !!!”, the singer concluded.

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