A Chinese rocket created a double crater on the surface of the moon.  There was something about him
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Several months ago, on March 4, 2022, a UFO fell on the surface of the moon. Initially, it was thought to be the upper stage of a Falcon 9 rocket, but when the rocket launches were carefully monitored, this hypothesis was rejected. So another suggestion was put forward that it was a Chinese launch vehicle. Tests conducted confirmed that the object bearing the mark WE0913A was of Chinese production, but the traces remaining after the fall indicate this. Chinese engineers attached an unknown object to the missile.

Scientists who studied the crater traced the path of the object that broke through it. It turned out to be a Chang’e 5-T1 missile launched seven years ago. This is one of the test missions in which the Chinese learned how to place a probe on the surface of the moon and return the collected samples to Earth.

The study authors wanted to know more about this missile, so They analyzed Data from telescopes on how light is reflected while in extraterrestrial space. They noticed that it did not oscillate like other objects of this type, but rather rolled in an organized manner. A launch vehicle is usually a hollow structure with an engine attached to one side. This design causes this type of debris to oscillate with great force in space. But the Chinese rocket rolled, meaning engineers added something to balance the engine mass. The fact that WE0913A created a double crater confirms that there was something else on the rocket besides the engine.

The Chinese side did not comment on these reports or even confirm that part of the missile it launched fell on the moon.

A Chinese rocket created a double crater on the surface of the moon. There was something about him

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