January 30, 2023


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Yola Polastry |  Isabel Acevedo |  Queens of the show |  I do not want to win |  Gisela Walcarcel |  Performances

Yola Polastry | Isabel Acevedo | Queens of the show | I do not want to win | Gisela Walcarcel | Performances

Children’s Cheerleader He confirmed through his official Twitter account that he did not want to , Popularly known ‘‘I won the dance competition’‘, And hoped another competitor would pick up the crown.

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The one I won in the dance competition was another. I think it has more flexibility of movement, lighter, better light weight, better figure and when they lift it, it raises and lowers more precisely. If they don’t win we can see them dancing again, which is good for the viewer. Feedback “He wrote on the aforementioned social network.

According to the translator of ‘Eco’, the former partner of Christian Dominguez won Just day change And Gisela Walkersel asked GV Productions to clarify the rules of the show hosted by.

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“I think they put a broken crown on the winner of the day. Dates and presentations are included, not just a date. Clarify the rules of the competition well, GV is confused ”, Yola Polastry said.

What did Isabel Acevedo say after the victory?

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“I danced with all my heart and wanted to dedicate it to my dad, my family. In fact, thank you to all my colleagues, Gisela and all the jury there. I still can’t believe it. I am in shock”, Said after being announced as the “Queen of the Show” winner.

As she recalls, Isabel danced to the tune of “Acepedo”.SurrenderIn their last presentation by Louis Miguel, Brenda Carvalho and Gabriela Herrera did “I Have Nothing” by John Sekada’s “Angel” and Whitney Houston respectively.

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