Millions of people are passionate about gambling, and the reasons for that are pretty clear. Casinos offer us an unforgettable experience, mesmerizing vibe and thrilling emotions, which is difficult to find anywhere else. Such a high popularity of gambling became the reason for the appearance of casinos in movies, and here we have a few movies on the topic of casinos. Take a look!


Our list begins with the movie that tells us about a big game going on in the underground clubs of New York. It has its own rules and special rates. You can lose everything here, but if you’re lucky, you have a chance to secure your future. The movie revolves around two protagonists, Mike and Lester ‘Worm’ Murphy. Mike has amazing flair and a great brain. The ‘Worm’ is a grated sharper and twists the deck like a god. He has just been released from prison, and he is required to repay an old debt of $15,000 within five days. Friends have only one, too risky way — to play a dirty game!

The Gambler

The movie tells us about Jim Bennett, a man that combines daily life as professor of literature and a writer with the nightlife, where he is an avid gambler. He lost all his money in an underground casino. Now he is playing with borrowed funds, not ashamed of the fact that he borrows them from bandits, who don’t even try to conceal the fact that if he cannot pay, they will knock money out of his wealthy relatives. He is deeply involved with people for which the word ‘law’ has no value. One day he decides to put on the line everything he has and even his own life. Jim thrusts into the situation where he has to ask for help from people who are even more dangerous than those to whom he owes. Is a person who has lost himself worthy of a second chance? And if so — how much will it cost him?

The Pelayos

The film directed by Eduard Cortez, convinces us that the path to wealth and fame, although it passes through difficulties, sometimes still leads to the stars. For some, the most stubborn, this path definitely exists. The plot is based on real events and centers on the adventurous story of the legendary Pelayo family in Spain. The founder of that clan figured out how to succeed, and the rest of the family helped bring the dream closer. The members of this Family are great masters of roulette and cards, they beat casinos all over the world in an honest way. Thanks to their extraordinary talents, they earned a lot of money and were even “immortalized” in the name of the poker school.

Wild Card

The plot of the film revolves around a retired military man Nick who, even in civilian life, doesn’t put his gun under lock and key, but uses it as a working tool. Now our hero works as a security specialist in Las Vegas and helps people solve small problems that require steel fists and the skills of persuasion. And Nick is a first-class specialist in this matter. But even people like him sometimes have to face problems that are not solved so easily. The hero crosses the road to local bandits who run one of the most popular casinos in Las Vegas. It would be quite logical to say that the gang leader will send his accomplices to deal with Nick once and for all, but this time the plot will not be so straightforward. Nick Wild has to choose between life, death and the opportunity to earn well and at the same time implement a long-standing dream in life. But in any case, the hero will have to go against his intuition. And this is something he clearly does not intend to do.

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