“28 Days Later” will return after 28 years.  The creators confirmed their desire to develop the beloved horror series

“28 Years Later” may not only be the continuation of a great series, but it may also be the spark of its rebirth. Danny Boyle and Alex Garland, who created the original, are ready to develop their still-young world.

Danny Boyle, Oscar winner for “Slumdog.” “Slumdog Millionaire”, wants to reunite with Alex Garland (“Ex Machina”, “Men”, “Annihilation”, DmC: Devil May Cry) to develop “28 Years Later” – as the name suggests, the horror aims to expand the scope of the film. The world, which began with “28 Days Later”.

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In 2002, horror fans were fascinated by “28 Days Later” because it was one of the first zombie films in which monsters aggressively attacked their opponents. As you know, a sequel called “28 Weeks Later” debuted in 2007, and although there are occasional rumors about the possible conclusion to the trilogy, we have only received positive news now.

Danny Boyle and Alex Garland confirmed this in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Later this week, they will introduce the “28 Years Later” concept to first-time movie studios, streaming companies, and potential clients.

Danny Boyle will direct the film, but Alex Garland is ready to write the script for the entire trilogy – if “28 Years Later” becomes a success, it will not only revive the universe, but also start its second life, as the creators did. Three more stories can be created.

We'll have to wait for more details, but Boyle and Garland will have no problem finding a company interested in their project.

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