Alexandra Zawieruszanka: She has a natural sexual attraction

Alexandra Zawiroszanka Born in 1937 in Bielsko-Biała. Her father, a local PPS activist, ended up in a concentration camp in Dachau when she was three years old. My mother, a courier from the Homeland Army, was a guest in the house. Fortunately, everyone managed to survive the war. Although there was no artistic tradition in her family, she was interested in theater. “I was eager to participate in school performances, in recitation competitions. I even won prizes,” she recalls.

She quietly dreamed of a career on the stage, but she was afraid that the insurmountable obstacle – she thought – would be … her ordinary beauty. Hence, after graduating from high school, she submitted her papers to the School of Polish Studies at Jagiellonian University. Fortunately, on her way she met Maria Bogda, a star of pre-war cinema, a little earlier. The artist, who is considered a true beauty, performed at the Polish Theater in Bielsko-Biała and was accommodated with her husband (also an antebellum actor, Adam Prodzis) at the Zweruch family home. And it was she who instilled in the Alla complex not only self-confidence, but also introduced her to the art world. Effect? At the last moment, the girl abandoned her studies in the Polish language and took the exams at the PWST in Warsaw. I have passed the first time.

She appeared on the set a year after graduation, in the first comedy of Stanisław Pariga “Husband of his wife”. “The director saw me during a performance in the theatre. I was invited for a shooting test. I heard right away that I was going to play the main athlete Jadwiga Futasiona-Karcz.” Although she was surrounded by experienced teammates such as Bronisław Pawlik, Mieczysław Czechowicz and Wiesław Gołas, her performances were highly appreciated by critics. “He exuded a natural sexual attraction” – they emphasized.

The charming blonde also won the hearts of viewers, and in 1961 “The Husband of His Wife” was ranked among the three best-watched films in Poland. Asked by “Głos Koszaliński” what the new movie star dreams of, she said at the time: “I dream of having my own apartment and house. Maybe my own car.” It seemed that the profession was open to the young, beautiful and talented actress.

In the following years, Aleksandra Zawieruszanka appeared in only a few films, including. In “The Milcark Family” by Joseph Wizumirsky and in “Walkower” by Jerzy Skolimowski. She remembered herself to a wider audience only in 1967 “More than life is at stake”. In the fourteenth episode of this series, she played Edita Lausch, the cousin and young love of the true Hans Kloss.

The role of Lieutenant Kristina Gromovich in the comedy “Rzeczpospolita babska” from 1969 gave her the opportunity to join the group of the most famous actresses, which is not a famous film but carries some artistic value. And here you can see how popularity differs from value, “Zawiroszanka told the weekly Angora.

At the beginning of the seventies, she starred in a youth television series: “Vacations with Ghosts” and “Travel for one smile”Then it suddenly stopped appearing on the screen. And not because she was not offered the roles. On the contrary, many directors liked to see her in their productions, however, she was eclectic. “I didn’t take everything that was offered to me. Maybe it was my fault. I always asked for a script. I didn’t sell myself in episodes. I made the choices” – she explained years later.

At that time, she devoted herself to playing in the National Theatre. She spent there 31 years. She has performed alongside famous people like Eichlerówna, Szaflarska, Opaliński, Kurnakowicz… in the famous film “Dziadi” by Kazimierz Dejmek. The image of this performance by the authorities began the events of March 68. “It was the first time that we felt the power of the stage, and words flow from the stage with such force …” – she recalls.

Already in the mid-seventies, she began to have doubts about her career path. “Although I love my profession, the most important thing for me is my own personal life: home, husband, son…I think I’m more of a woman than an actress,” she told Panorama Weekly.

Towards the end of her career, she played briefly in the capital’s theaters: Mały and Na Woli, until she reached retirement age in 1992. “I left of my own free will (…) – asserted – I never felt satisfied with this profession mentally … I was dealing Badly with popularity. It was such a love that was not fully fulfilled. I was more successful in my own life.”

Alexandra Zawiroszanka does not attend industry events, she is not the heroine of the color press. “The world of flashes and popularity and being at various banquets and events is a very strange world to me and I probably wouldn’t feel comfortable in it. So, you have to have a certain personality.” Without regret, he confirms that she is a forgotten actress. So much so that even the National Theater, where she performed for many years, forgot her 80th birthday in 2017.

She returned to the film set for some time in 2005 in the series “Na dobre i na bad”, along with good friend Stanisław Mikulski from “Stawka is larger than life”. They played an elderly couple. For years in love with herself, separated by communism.

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