Buy a cheap home in Wielkopolska, even at three quarters of the price.  Check out the latest home record auctions.  What does it look like and how much does it cost?

A house for sale at three-quarters of its value? Seems like a good deal for someone who is looking for a home and wants to save some money. This is the starting price of the property that goes to the record auctions. You can buy homes there at attractive and below market prices. Every few days, also in Poznań and Wielkopolska, there are new announcements about such auctions. What does the real estate you go to look like and how much do you have to pay for it?

Bailiff auctions are becoming increasingly popular. It includes movable and immovable property, including houses and apartments occupied by debtors. For potential buyers it is a great opportunity to save. In the face of huge inflation and amazing prices, this has become especially relevant and has become one of the most important factors determining the purchase.

When you’re looking for savings when buying a home, it’s worth looking into Bailiff auctions, because you can buy a property up to 3/4 of its value. That’s what the starting prices are. At the same time, a low price does not mean that the house will require a major renovation. Properties are auctioned in various states, sizes and locations. We have checked the latest minutes auctions advertised. In what condition are the houses sold and how much do you have to pay for them?

You can also buy apartments at Bailiff auctions, for example in Poznan. Six more building auctions are scheduled to be held in the capital, Wielkopolska, in February and early March. The cheapest of them can be sold at auction from 189,000 zlotys. Everyone can find something for themselves, because there are really large studios and apartments for sale.

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